The spelling in this dictionary is based on the system certificate and the shorthand textbooks by Dr Klaus-Wilhelm Lege and Dr Hans-Jürgen Bäse, which you can find at

The dictionary offered on these pages is a collection of all keywords, syllables, abbreviations, letters and characters contained in the main dictionary of the Stenogenerator programme. It does not claim to be complete, but represents the range of words on the reference date.

The presentation in the form of a continuous text is not pretty, but it makes optimal use of the available space.

Level 2 and 3 shorthands are indicated by superscript numbers.

The dictionary can be searched using the search function of the display programme. For compound words, it is useful to search for partial words. If a complete word is not found, it is recommended to search for parts of words or letter sequences. Most programmes offer the option of jumping to the next or previous location in the search function.

As usual in the DEK, it is not case-sensitive. This option should also not be activated in the search function. In the DEK, there are occasionally different spellings for a word. These may also be due to different meanings of the word.

If you find a word that has obviously been shorthanded incorrectly, or that you think could be shorthanded better, easier or more legibly,

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